Monthly Archives: May 2010

Long day and new rings

What a day. Worked at the café all day, and stayed for dinner as well – so was pretty much there for about 12 hours. Too long! Tomorrow I’m going to a nightclub in Århus called Train with some friends – there’ll be an indoor event called ‘MegaKup’, where women will be selling out of their clothes and accesories. Furthermore there’ll be Manolo Blahnik  cokes, goodiebags and discount on several luxurious brands such as Miu Miu, Lanvin and Stella McCartney. I’ve never been to this event before, so I’m very excited. If you’re in Århus tomorrow, you should come by as well and have a look!

The rings in the pictures are new and bought in H&M for 30 DKK


Rainy day

Ít’s raining outside -as in: it is raining a alot, all the time! Don’t mind it though, since it allows you to stay in all day with tea and snacks. Wanted to watch SATC 1, which would complete the night, but it has decided to disappear for the day. Of course it has! The SATC2 premiere is on thursday, and my sister will be coming up to watch it with me. Can’t wait!


Bought these earrings in H&M for about 30 DKK – I just love H&M and their prices! Normally I’m not into feathers – think they’re a bit ‘over the top’, but I think these could be nice with a simple dress for summer. The white color and the dark piece of wood also make them a bit more classy, and a bit more ‘my style’.

Cute Cupcakes

Found these cute cupcakes in the danish store “Søstrene Grene”. Think they’re are adoreable, and since they were only about 20 DKK each, I had to buy them. Actually it says that they’re for candy, but I’m using them for some tea that I also bought that day. Not only do they look good, they also put some colors in my very white kitchen – love it!