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graduation days

I see graduation hats and happy faces everywhere! Oooh, what a feeling! The last to days I’ve been attending parties to celebrate the happy students. This was what i whore monday, to a business- graduation party. – Since their hats are blue, I figured I had to wear blue.

The dress is very 50’ies in the cut. I found it with three other dresses here – Very pinup!



This video is made of my dear colleague, her sister and their friends.
The concept is to join them here, and help children worldwide to get an education.
So what are you waiting for? (;

It’s like I go in a coma from all this when the weekend arrives, but it seems to be the busiest time of the week. It’s when all the friends are off from work, you go out, go to work, sleep till’ noon. Mmh, I love it, even though it is hard. Friday was supposed to be a quiet night with some friends and good movies, but became one of the funniest night out in a long time. We couldn’t stop laughing the following day, but gosh, were we tired as well! Saturday was brunch and work, and then the weekend was already over. But anyway, wanted to do lots of pics of what I’ve been wearing and doing during the weekend, but just haven’t had the time. So instead I’ll give you some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s from the photo blog by Kevin Tachman. It’s beautiful.


They’ve heard our prayers, and on the 2nd of September Zara will finally open a brand new webshop!

The webshop will only be availabe in a few countries in Europe though – they’re not even talking about opening anything on the US market. But hey, they got the new episodes of the City and the Hills, now it’s our turn!

(- and hey, talking about the lace shorts! The picture is from the june 2010 lookbook, so will probably be out soon)

Stella McCartney Resort 2011

“Does anybody even use the word resort? Even people who have resorts? We call it Spring.”

Said by Stella herself, so funny – and so true. Spring was also her inspiration when she made the collection for 2011 – the early spring where everything begins to grow and come alive. The collection was divided into five groups: black, white, blue, rosa and the flowers. 

I think the collection is very feminim and romantic, very beautiful – would love the lace shorts in my wardrobe!

still my absolute favourite

It is so Denmark

What to do when the sun and the summer suddenly decides to dissapear? – well, I guess you just have to do your own inside-summer. It’s been raining all day, and therefore there’s been absolutely nothing exciting to do. Went ‘downtown’ to do some shopping – figured out that MONKI had 50% on the hole store! That just made my day! One of the things I bought was the green army shirt which I’m wearing in the picture. Have been looking for one for ages, but think it is too big though, so probably have to go back to the store tomorrow before work. Bought flowers and strawberries on the way home (you know, for the inside-summer-thing) Baked a chocolate cake when I arrived .. ate half of it, oops. Now I’m off to bed, hoping for the sun and summer to come back by tomorrow.

Leg chain

How cool is this?

I’ve never seen anything like it, but I love it! It is from the Chains of Love,  where you can find many different and unique jewelleries.

I want one too!



As you might know the CFDA was held monday night in New York- ‘the Oscar of fashion’ as the actor Anthony Mackie also called it. Plenty of fab designers and beautiful people in beautiful clothes. The most beautiful though must have been Sarah Jessica Parker – after seeing her in the yellow Valentino dress at the SATC2 premiere, I didn’t think she could get anymore beautiful, but wauw – was I wrong! She wore a dress by Alexander McQueen, especially picked out for her by the labels new designer – Lee’s earlier assistent, Sarah Burton. The colors pattern and the colors are just amazing. Apparently SJP also gave a tribute speech to the great and very missed designer, which was followed by a small runway show of his last collection. All together it must have been an amazing night! As the CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg said: ” Tonight  is the night we designers and members of the industry salute our peers and celebrate their talents. We are a family.”

It was Marc Jacobs who well-deserved ran off with the wanted prize ‘Women Designer of the Year’.

Oh boy

Oh boy, am I tired after eleven hours of work. You can sure feel the summer is on its way here in Århus, not only because of the weather, but also since it is way more busy at the café – so pretty much was busy for eleven hours. G!  Have had the best weekend in a long time with great weather, good company and plenty of dancing. Went to see the new SATC – wasn’t really impressed by the movie itself, but it is SATC – the girls, the situations, the problems and the jokes just never get old. You gotta love’m! Also had a few nights out with my sister and friends – had such a good time, though I had to work the following day. But it was worth it! Now I’m heading off to bed, ta ta