Prada hair

Gotta love this high hair!

See how, here


From miss to mom

I recently went from miss to mom. This is my little darling, also called James. Aren’t he adorable?

Gili Trawangan

Pictures from Gili Trawangan where life was wonderful, a week of silence and complete joy.
One of the best places on earth!

local eye

fishyfish you might think!
And you’re right. Fish is all around on Bali, and on the Gili Islands for that sake. The men who are fishing where standing right in front of us, saying: the fish is not that far out in the sea. When we where snorkeling, we only had to swim 5-7 meters out, and then we had the entire “finding Nemo” below us. Amazing! – Got pictures of that too, Later that is!

My Bali

Hello ladies!
Just recently returned from Bali and the Gili Islands. One word, paradise!
I’ve been swimming, getting massage every day (crazy cheap!), eating and drinking cold cocktails while being baked in the sun. More pictures will follow..

beach grill,chill

After work today, we drove to the beach. It’s right next to the wood, so we found a quiet spot and started the grill, mmmh. Nothings like the sound of the water, the silence and a good glass of redwine!

summer silence

Sorry for the silence, it seems like having vacation gives you all time in the world, but really your in a rush doing all the things that you normally not do. Well, that’s whats I’ve been doing. The pictures are from Saturday where we did absolutely nothing! – Almost that is.
Hope your enjoying your summer ladies, I’m leaving for Bali Thursday! Yay!

graduation days

I see graduation hats and happy faces everywhere! Oooh, what a feeling! The last to days I’ve been attending parties to celebrate the happy students. This was what i whore monday, to a business- graduation party. – Since their hats are blue, I figured I had to wear blue.

The dress is very 50’ies in the cut. I found it with three other dresses here – Very pinup!


This video is made of my dear colleague, her sister and their friends.
The concept is to join them here, and help children worldwide to get an education.
So what are you waiting for? (;


I’m leaving you. Me and my statistic book have a date all day. Wuhu! Exam is tomorrow, thank god for my class mate who reminded me, I thought it was thursday! Now I just have to sum up the entire book.

Have a nice day..