New colors from Creative Director Peter Phillips

Will be available from september 20th.


All packed up

– and ready to go hooome! The yearly festival is being held in the town where M and I come from, so the whole crowd will be coming home, which will be amazing and so much fun! Haven’t been home for a couple of months, and therefore haven’t seen some of our girls for so long, so I’m pretty excited!

The jacket and the jewelleries are new stuff, that are coming home with me. Couldn’t really figure out whether to buy the aviator jacket, that I guess just about every danish girl will be wearing this winter, or the camel coat. But when I saw this one in H&M there’s was no doubt: “I’m going all in on the camel-trend this year”. Can’t believe I bought a coat for winter in August!

Water & Oil

Italian Vouge, August 2010 – Steven Meisel

Only Steven Meisel knows how to do a photo shoot as well as this. It was published at the same time as the oil spill disaster in the Golf of Mexico, which really made people talk. I think it is amazing that a photographer dares to start discussions and ask questions, which really was done here in a beautiful and powerful visual way.

Denmark goes back to basic!

Oh, come on! This weather is just ridiculous! When I woke up this morning the sun was shining – and now everything is soaking wet! Went down to have coffee with a friend of mine, and just by walking the 500 m to the coffebar, made me ALL wet. Stupid stupid stupid Denmark!

Tonight I’m going to see Inception with a few friends, so hopefully that can make the day (When the weather obviously can’t). Got pretty high expectations for it, since everybody talked so well about it. But Leo is such a brilliant actor, so I’m sure it’ll be good. Ta ta!

Shirt Shoes & Necklace, H&M – Jeans, Cheap Monday – Bra, BIK BOK

Hello Beautiful

I just met my new BFF, who will be following me everywhere in the future! I’ve been using me Marc by Marc Jacobs almost everyday for about two years now, so thought it was time for a little change!

Bought it in Bestseller for 700 DKK – a bit expensive considered it is Bestseller, but I couldn’t leave it there hanging by itself! I’m sure it is an investment! – Like all the other stuff I bought this summer!

CPH Vision Press Show ss11

Every year the very respected CPH Vision manage to attract national and international buyers, trendsetters and press-people to attend at their press show, which contains big designers and rising stars. And this year was no exception!

Some of the big a/w10 trends are the very ‘womanish’ look with boobs and butt, but also the very clean look with straight lines. Obviously CPH Vision believes that these are trends that are here to stay, and showed off a bit of both at their Press Show 2011, which was held wednesday.

Personally I preferrer the looks above, actually I love them!  – They are very simple, clean and strong, and still manage to bring something ‘soft’ to the look with the loose shirts and dresses, combined with the soft colors – a strong contrast to the black/white. All together a perfect s/s look, even though it isn’t full off conspicuous colors!

See the other looks here


CFW 2010

CFW took off yesterday, and several designers have already shown their suggestions for S/S 2011. A few of us talked about going over their to attend at some of the events and the shows that are open for everyone. The fashion week is also called Copenhagen Fashion Festival, because of the fact that pretty much everybody are welcome to attend. The whole city has made a big effort to offer everybody something – stores are serving snacks and drinks, there are parties, events, showrooms, you name it! Unfortunately none of us could afford to go this year, but hopefully we’ll be able to in february.

You can find all the shows, events, showrooms etc. here

The pictures are from the Life Ball 2010, shot by Kevin Tachman. See more at

Free vacation

I admit, I would have loved to go to Bali like M and her boyfriend (you lucky people!), but instead I went on free vacation with my family. We drove to Praque where we stayed for three days – I never been there before, but I’m going back for sure! It is probably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to, it is like being in another century with old buildings and churches, in a completely different way than if you go to London or Paris. It is just beautiful. We stayed at a ‘Botel’ called Albatros, which can be recommended! It is in the middle of the city close to everywhere! After our three days we went to Croatia, which was all about relaxing, beach, good food and nice markets. Mh!

Where did all my money go!

Hm, there they are. Or at least some of them. The summer has been long and full of tempting clothes, shoes and jewelleries. Just bought the red dress yesterday, which I first saw at the danish blogger Sofie’s blog. And as she says, it is just about to be the perfect dress! It looks like it is painted on your body, and only focuses on your good sites. Mh, we like that! It is from H&M and was only about 250 DKK.

Today is a ‘I don’t wanna do anything until five-day’. Worked from five till’ 3am yesterday, and will be doing it again tonight, which I think allows me to stay at my couch and watch tennis. So yeah, no weekend for me until monday!

Oh my.

2PM Model Management just released their spring/summer 2011 show package, which contains all of their big models, new faces and rising stars. The black and white pictures of their more or less naked models, seem so perfect and unique – every one of them! The looks are very clean and sophisticated , but still very cool – very 2PM.