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New colors from Creative Director Peter Phillips

Will be available from september 20th.


Spring & Pink Lips

We’ve talked about the black lips, but what about this. Pink lips. That’s something else, right? I think everybody should welcome the SS with a pink lipstick. I’m all in, my lips need changes! Are u?

Source: Knightcat


When M was at my place we talked about a girl she knew, who had used fake eyelashes on her lower lashes, which apperantly looked amazing. It made me think of the girls at MIU MIU SS10, who also wore these long long fake eyelashes on their lower lashes. Even though fake eyelashes often can be a bit over the top, a look was created so the girls still looked very natural. The lips were left bare and the rest of the look was kept simple. The extra length and the thickness were made with a normal mascara

I wear fake eyelashes now and then, since my own eyelashes aren’t very long. But I’ve never tried on the lower eyelashes yet. I like it though – I think fake eyelashes on the upper lashes give you a very classy look, where this gives you more of a innocent “Bambi”. But would probably only wear it to a very simple outfit.


More Cobrasnake and grey hair

When I was going through some of the pictures at, which i mentioned earlier, I saw this chic grey haired girl. I think you’re very cool and very brave when you decide to go all in for the grey. But I’m sure you also need the right personality and look to actually wear it

Do u dare?

Yves Saint Lauren started out at the FW08, and Jason Wu continued at the SS10. Are you into the black lips? Personally I love it, but I don’t think I’m courageous enough to actually wear it! I bought Rouge Noir from Chanel a couple of months ago, and I think that is the darkest I will go. I love the dark lips – It’s classy but in a very different and uncommon way. With the right outfit, dark lips are beautiful!

More nailpolish

Talking about nailpolish and Chanel. If I could I would have invested my money in one of these. It’s the upcoming season from Chanel – Riviera, Nouvelle Vague & Mistral. Personally I prefer Nouvelle Vague. I need mint green in my summer wardrobe, but this could might be an alternative. They’re in stores in the end of may

New nail polish

Yeh, it would have been nice with a Chanel, but I just can’t afford that at the moment. Instead I’ve bought these in H&M – “Latte 2 go” & “Boho Chicomania”. I love the latte-one which you can see at the first pic. Think it will be great this spring/summer. Which reminds me of the fact that we had to switch to summer time today – summer is finally on its way! Can’t wait to pull out the summer dresses and sandals, yay!