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It is so Denmark

What to do when the sun and the summer suddenly decides to dissapear? – well, I guess you just have to do your own inside-summer. It’s been raining all day, and therefore there’s been absolutely nothing exciting to do. Went ‘downtown’ to do some shopping – figured out that MONKI had 50% on the hole store! That just made my day! One of the things I bought was the green army shirt which I’m wearing in the picture. Have been looking for one for ages, but think it is too big though, so probably have to go back to the store tomorrow before work. Bought flowers and strawberries on the way home (you know, for the inside-summer-thing) Baked a chocolate cake when I arrived .. ate half of it, oops. Now I’m off to bed, hoping for the sun and summer to come back by tomorrow.


Cheese table

We want the cheese back!

What happened to the cheese table? It is easy to prepare, it looks delicious and goes great with wine! – I want to know when, why and who decided that the cheese table was passé.

Serve some cheese, please.


Saturday I had all the ladies for dinner, for a starter I found these huge Tiger Shrimps at my local fish store.
Friday I marinaded them with: Oil, garlic, salt, pepper and mango chutney.
Saturday I gave them more mango chutney, and after 2-3 minutes on high heat they where perfect. I served them with rucula, blueberry and mango chutney. Yum!