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They’ve heard our prayers, and on the 2nd of September Zara will finally open a brand new webshop!

The webshop will only be availabe in a few countries in Europe though – they’re not even talking about opening anything on the US market. But hey, they got the new episodes of the City and the Hills, now it’s our turn!

(- and hey, talking about the lace shorts! The picture is from the june 2010 lookbook, so will probably be out soon)


Sex and the city , #3 ?

We love ’em, but do we love them that much?

Movie #2 just landed in the cinemas, with bad reviews, and already I hear gossip in the corners about a #3! #2 got bad reviews, well – I thought it was good, but compared to the previously seasons and #1, this just was…   different. Of course it was worth seeing, a tear fell and we laughed. But personally, I would say lets stop the game while it is still good.  It was fun while they where single, but the married life just don’t got the same material.

Go or No’go ?

Source: News Paper : The Sun

Cancelled Kate Moss

In 2008 it was announced that Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris would do an exhibition dedicated to the supermodel Kate Moss and her twenty year old career. I was all excited when I heard about it, and even talked to my mom about going on a trip down there. It was supposed to open november 2009, but was delayed until may 2010 due to lack of funding (for big exhibitions the museum relies on private donors) But! Now it is announced that the whole thing is cancelled. Bummer!