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Leg chain

How cool is this?

I’ve never seen anything like it, but I love it! It is from the Chains of Love,  where you can find many different and unique jewelleries.

I want one too!



Flare pants

The last time I wore a pair of flare pants or “wide-leg pants”, I think I was about 14. It was back when they were the big hit, and you swore that you would never wear a pair of skinny jeans. And then a couple of years later you swore that you would never wear a pair of flare pants again. I’m still not convinced about the flare pants even though several designers showed off some really nice ones at the AW10. I’m so used to skinny jeans and leggins, that I can’t really imagine myself wearing them again. But, who knows. High waist is my lover, so I actually like the ones from Chloé. And of course Balmain was amazing as always! Found these pictures of Daria Werbowy at Le Fashion and I think they give good inspiration how to use, not only the flare pants, but also the belly shirt!


This is Harley Viera Newton. Model, DJ and it girl.

Love the way she uses the leo bra!