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Hello Love

Hello Love, and welcome to your new home! This is my new mini bbq from Bodum and my first! – a part of my new project, which is to make my ‘balcony’ ready for the summer. Next stop is IKEA with M and some her friends, who are coming to Århus on monday, yay!


Cute Cupcakes

Found these cute cupcakes in the danish store “Søstrene Grene”. Think they’re are adoreable, and since they were only about 20 DKK each, I had to buy them. Actually it says that they’re for candy, but I’m using them for some tea that I also bought that day. Not only do they look good, they also put some colors in my very white kitchen – love it!

Dice me!

I’m absolutely in love with these dices. They are designed by Eva Harlou, who actually have a lot of nice things in her portfolio, if you want to take a closer look, click here.

The dices works as lamps, but can also be bought with out light, and be used as the picture illustrates.

books & magazines

If you think your books and magazines are ugly and not decorative, think again. Books and magazines gives a personal touch, and can actually be quite decorative.

Sort your books in colors on your book shelve, many books are even decorative enough to place standing. I’ve found some pictures for you to get inspired by!


Barcelona Chair

Oooh I wish!

I have a lot of very expensive designer furniture and other items on my wish list. Yesterday my boyfriend and I was surfing for a special lamp, when we found a website selling all the things we dream of, to a choking price.

We were all excited, until we read it was fakes, or as they write “inspired”.

Is fake okay?

Check it yourself:

loxourios bathroom

It all started with a bin..

Within the last decade, Vipp has gone from our bathrooms into our hearts.

When you have the bin, you soon realizes that you have a friend for life. Soon you will feel a desire for owning the rest of the collection, you go girl!

Go out and buy a Vipp item, or should I say Vipp Icon?


Nature Inspiration

This spring I think we will see a lot of nature items,
As Claude Monet once said:
“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration”

Above: Carpet from Natures Collection
Below – Left: Bowl or Candle from Ferm Living
Below – Right: Wall decoration from Frydendahl.

AJ is back ladies n’ gents

Rosendahl Design recently bought Arne Jacobsen’s design rights.
This clock is one of many – made in Arne Jacobsen’s spirit.
A must have.

Picture: model “AJ Roman Clock 480”

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen’s collection”Blue Fluted Mega”, (also available in black)
– is what I am going to use my spare money on.
Everything is hand painted, witch makes every item unique.