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All packed up

– and ready to go hooome! The yearly festival is being held in the town where M and I come from, so the whole crowd will be coming home, which will be amazing and so much fun! Haven’t been home for a couple of months, and therefore haven’t seen some of our girls for so long, so I’m pretty excited!

The jacket and the jewelleries are new stuff, that are coming home with me. Couldn’t really figure out whether to buy the aviator jacket, that I guess just about every danish girl will be wearing this winter, or the camel coat. But when I saw this one in H&M there’s was no doubt: “I’m going all in on the camel-trend this year”. Can’t believe I bought a coat for winter in August!


still my absolute favourite

Leg chain

How cool is this?

I’ve never seen anything like it, but I love it! It is from the Chains of Love,  where you can find many different and unique jewelleries.

I want one too!


Long day and new rings

What a day. Worked at the café all day, and stayed for dinner as well – so was pretty much there for about 12 hours. Too long! Tomorrow I’m going to a nightclub in Århus called Train with some friends – there’ll be an indoor event called ‘MegaKup’, where women will be selling out of their clothes and accesories. Furthermore there’ll be Manolo Blahnik  cokes, goodiebags and discount on several luxurious brands such as Miu Miu, Lanvin and Stella McCartney. I’ve never been to this event before, so I’m very excited. If you’re in Århus tomorrow, you should come by as well and have a look!

The rings in the pictures are new and bought in H&M for 30 DKK


Wanted to show you one of my favorite jewelleries. It’s not as expensive as any of M’s jewelleries, the silver is falling of and actually I should probably just buy a new one. As you know the anchor symbolizes hope, and that is one of the main reasons that I love it so much. Bought it last year in Australia, and it’s from Sportsgirl – surprise surprise!


Aren’t we all quite into charity? When charity meets fashion I know I am!

Here I am wearing the “From Soldier to Soldier” Bracelet, made by Aagaard Denmark together with G. Scheelke. The lock is made of Gold heart with a diamond (Also available in silver).

For further information:

Also wearing Ole Lyngaard leather bracelet and Guess watch

Ole Lyngaard

Ole Lyngaard Copenhagen was founded in 1963 by Ole Lyngaard. The company is known for their luxurious design and high quality. In 2008 they started delivering jeweleries to the royal family.

His daughter, Charlotte Lyngaard is the designer of these leather bracelets, witch is my absolutely favorite pieces in my jewelery draw. The drops are collective, there are many different in all kind of stones and material.

Black leather bracelet with two sweet drop in massive silber

Latte leather bracelet with a sweet drop in onyx and a diamond

Directly from India

I was going through some of my mothers old jewelleries today. Jewelleries she’s been collecting for the past twenty years. I found these bracelets that she bought in India when she was travelling around the world. I think they’re gorgeous, and will be borrowing them for the next few weeks.



Oh, who could just afford the new Trinity Collection from Alex&Chloe. The collection combines religion with punk and a bit of humour, which characterize the label. It’s available at their online shop here

Double rings


As soon as I saw that the popular double rings from H&M had arrived to Aarhus I went straight down to find them. Fortunaly H&M had one pair left, yay! Today I’m only wearing one of them, the other ring is also from H&M though