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All packed up

– and ready to go hooome! The yearly festival is being held in the town where M and I come from, so the whole crowd will be coming home, which will be amazing and so much fun! Haven’t been home for a couple of months, and therefore haven’t seen some of our girls for so long, so I’m pretty excited!

The jacket and the jewelleries are new stuff, that are coming home with me. Couldn’t really figure out whether to buy the aviator jacket, that I guess just about every danish girl will be wearing this winter, or the camel coat. But when I saw this one in H&M there’s was no doubt: “I’m going all in on the camel-trend this year”. Can’t believe I bought a coat for winter in August!


Denmark goes back to basic!

Oh, come on! This weather is just ridiculous! When I woke up this morning the sun was shining – and now everything is soaking wet! Went down to have coffee with a friend of mine, and just by walking the 500 m to the coffebar, made me ALL wet. Stupid stupid stupid Denmark!

Tonight I’m going to see Inception with a few friends, so hopefully that can make the day (When the weather obviously can’t). Got pretty high expectations for it, since everybody talked so well about it. But Leo is such a brilliant actor, so I’m sure it’ll be good. Ta ta!

Shirt Shoes & Necklace, H&M – Jeans, Cheap Monday – Bra, BIK BOK

Where did all my money go!

Hm, there they are. Or at least some of them. The summer has been long and full of tempting clothes, shoes and jewelleries. Just bought the red dress yesterday, which I first saw at the danish blogger Sofie’s blog. And as she says, it is just about to be the perfect dress! It looks like it is painted on your body, and only focuses on your good sites. Mh, we like that! It is from H&M and was only about 250 DKK.

Today is a ‘I don’t wanna do anything until five-day’. Worked from five till’ 3am yesterday, and will be doing it again tonight, which I think allows me to stay at my couch and watch tennis. So yeah, no weekend for me until monday!

Emma Watson goes Twiggy

Is that a go or a no go?

It’s like I go in a coma from all this when the weekend arrives, but it seems to be the busiest time of the week. It’s when all the friends are off from work, you go out, go to work, sleep till’ noon. Mmh, I love it, even though it is hard. Friday was supposed to be a quiet night with some friends and good movies, but became one of the funniest night out in a long time. We couldn’t stop laughing the following day, but gosh, were we tired as well! Saturday was brunch and work, and then the weekend was already over. But anyway, wanted to do lots of pics of what I’ve been wearing and doing during the weekend, but just haven’t had the time. So instead I’ll give you some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s from the photo blog by Kevin Tachman. It’s beautiful.

It is so Denmark

What to do when the sun and the summer suddenly decides to dissapear? – well, I guess you just have to do your own inside-summer. It’s been raining all day, and therefore there’s been absolutely nothing exciting to do. Went ‘downtown’ to do some shopping – figured out that MONKI had 50% on the hole store! That just made my day! One of the things I bought was the green army shirt which I’m wearing in the picture. Have been looking for one for ages, but think it is too big though, so probably have to go back to the store tomorrow before work. Bought flowers and strawberries on the way home (you know, for the inside-summer-thing) Baked a chocolate cake when I arrived .. ate half of it, oops. Now I’m off to bed, hoping for the sun and summer to come back by tomorrow.

Oh boy

Oh boy, am I tired after eleven hours of work. You can sure feel the summer is on its way here in Århus, not only because of the weather, but also since it is way more busy at the café – so pretty much was busy for eleven hours. G!  Have had the best weekend in a long time with great weather, good company and plenty of dancing. Went to see the new SATC – wasn’t really impressed by the movie itself, but it is SATC – the girls, the situations, the problems and the jokes just never get old. You gotta love’m! Also had a few nights out with my sister and friends – had such a good time, though I had to work the following day. But it was worth it! Now I’m heading off to bed, ta ta

Long day and new rings

What a day. Worked at the café all day, and stayed for dinner as well – so was pretty much there for about 12 hours. Too long! Tomorrow I’m going to a nightclub in Århus called Train with some friends – there’ll be an indoor event called ‘MegaKup’, where women will be selling out of their clothes and accesories. Furthermore there’ll be Manolo Blahnik  cokes, goodiebags and discount on several luxurious brands such as Miu Miu, Lanvin and Stella McCartney. I’ve never been to this event before, so I’m very excited. If you’re in Århus tomorrow, you should come by as well and have a look!

The rings in the pictures are new and bought in H&M for 30 DKK

Rainy day

Ít’s raining outside -as in: it is raining a alot, all the time! Don’t mind it though, since it allows you to stay in all day with tea and snacks. Wanted to watch SATC 1, which would complete the night, but it has decided to disappear for the day. Of course it has! The SATC2 premiere is on thursday, and my sister will be coming up to watch it with me. Can’t wait!

Bottled Manolo, again

When I write again, it is because the famous shoe designer already dressed up Coke in 2005.  After him came Cavalli, Rykiel and Lagerfield, and now again Manolo Blahnik.

It looks like Diet Coke has become a collective/ fashion item.