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graduation days

I see graduation hats and happy faces everywhere! Oooh, what a feeling! The last to days I’ve been attending parties to celebrate the happy students. This was what i whore monday, to a business- graduation party. – Since their hats are blue, I figured I had to wear blue.

The dress is very 50’ies in the cut. I found it with three other dresses here – Very pinup!



I’m leaving you. Me and my statistic book have a date all day. Wuhu! Exam is tomorrow, thank god for my class mate who reminded me, I thought it was thursday! Now I just have to sum up the entire book.

Have a nice day..

Summer and shorts

I don’t even know if it’s warm enough to wear shorts, but I’ll take the chance. Used my ‘Harley Viera Newton-inspiration’ and bought a leo bra to use under the shirt, think it works pretty well. Outside the sun is shining and there’s good music on the radio – could it be any better! It’s my day off today, and before I’m going to the event tonight, I’ll be doing lots of boring stuff. Have a nice day, ta ta.

Tshirt, VASK – Shorts, Monki – Leo Bra, BIK BOK – Earrings and rings, H&M

Back again

Back with new energy and inspiration!

My sister bought this hat today … I’m a bit jealous.

First day wearing shorts!

Today is my day off, yay! I’m on my way downtown to get updated on what’s in the shops right now. Nice monday, ta ta!

Shoes, Defeeter – Shorts, MbyM – Blouse, H&M

Say again?

M lives about 150 km away from me. So when she called me and asked “You wanna go out tonight?”, my first thought was something like “What?”. I love it, love spontaneity. She’s here in a few minuts, and this is what I’m gonna wear tonight

Tshirt, Sportspil – Skirt, Only – Shoes, Aldo

M loves pearls

My sweet sweet mother in law and I decided to go out and share our passion for wine this friday afternoon. I am not as fashionable as I is, yet I try! But I must admit, I am more a classic kind of gal.

I love this dress from BikBok, because of the pearls on the arms.

It goes great with my freshwater pearls.


As I’ve said before I’m at my parents house these days. The weather has been great, so I’ve been spending most of the days outside with good friends. Really nice. Another nice thing about being home is having a sister with a wardrobe full of clothes to borrow.

Blazer, VASK – Tshirt, Sportsgirl – Trousers, Modström – Boots, Zara – Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs


On my way out for lunch with a friend. I’ve been working all the way through Easter, so I’ve pretty much been living in my workwear until today. Nice to finally dress up a bit! I tried to make the Lanvin knot, but in a much smaller version because of my hair length.

Blouse, mtwtfss – Top, Sportsgirl – Leggins: H&M – Clogs, Zara

Wednesday night out


Yesterday a few friends from back home came to visit. It was meant to be a quite night in with the new season of Desperate Housewives, but instead it became a good night out with lots of redwine and dancing. Talk about a hard day at work today! I bought the dress last year when I was travelling around Australia, and have loved it ever since. The label is Sportsgirl, which only can be bought down there – a real shame!

Dress and shoes, Sportsgirl