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This video is made of my dear colleague, her sister and their friends.
The concept is to join them here, and help children worldwide to get an education.
So what are you waiting for? (;


world cup ‘1o

How can you not smile when seeing this commercial? It really is their time to shine!

I went to Johannesburg around new year, I just stayed there for to days, – but the whole city was developing in terms of the world cup. Hotel, clubs, etc. was popping up everywhere. My concern is, what happens when the world cup is over? Will the hotels and clubs, dinners and so on still have the same amount of visitors?

Well, we intend to find out. Because I. & me are going to South Africa! Can’t wait!!

Here is some new year pictures from South Africa – Matswani Lodge


Bought these earrings in H&M for about 30 DKK – I just love H&M and their prices! Normally I’m not into feathers – think they’re a bit ‘over the top’, but I think these could be nice with a simple dress for summer. The white color and the dark piece of wood also make them a bit more classy, and a bit more ‘my style’.