Free vacation

I admit, I would have loved to go to Bali like M and her boyfriend (you lucky people!), but instead I went on free vacation with my family. We drove to Praque where we stayed for three days – I never been there before, but I’m going back for sure! It is probably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to, it is like being in another century with old buildings and churches, in a completely different way than if you go to London or Paris. It is just beautiful. We stayed at a ‘Botel’ called Albatros, which can be recommended! It is in the middle of the city close to everywhere! After our three days we went to Croatia, which was all about relaxing, beach, good food and nice markets. Mh!


Where did all my money go!

Hm, there they are. Or at least some of them. The summer has been long and full of tempting clothes, shoes and jewelleries. Just bought the red dress yesterday, which I first saw at the danish blogger Sofie’s blog. And as she says, it is just about to be the perfect dress! It looks like it is painted on your body, and only focuses on your good sites. Mh, we like that! It is from H&M and was only about 250 DKK.

Today is a ‘I don’t wanna do anything until five-day’. Worked from five till’ 3am yesterday, and will be doing it again tonight, which I think allows me to stay at my couch and watch tennis. So yeah, no weekend for me until monday!

Oh my.

2PM Model Management just released their spring/summer 2011 show package, which contains all of their big models, new faces and rising stars. The black and white pictures of their more or less naked models, seem so perfect and unique – every one of them! The looks are very clean and sophisticated , but still very cool – very 2PM.

Emma Watson goes Twiggy

Is that a go or a no go?

New season

… means new campaigns – and this is just genius.

Chanel fall/winter 2010 campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

local eye

fishyfish you might think!
And you’re right. Fish is all around on Bali, and on the Gili Islands for that sake. The men who are fishing where standing right in front of us, saying: the fish is not that far out in the sea. When we where snorkeling, we only had to swim 5-7 meters out, and then we had the entire “finding Nemo” below us. Amazing! – Got pictures of that too, Later that is!

My Bali

Hello ladies!
Just recently returned from Bali and the Gili Islands. One word, paradise!
I’ve been swimming, getting massage every day (crazy cheap!), eating and drinking cold cocktails while being baked in the sun. More pictures will follow..

beach grill,chill

After work today, we drove to the beach. It’s right next to the wood, so we found a quiet spot and started the grill, mmmh. Nothings like the sound of the water, the silence and a good glass of redwine!

summer silence

Sorry for the silence, it seems like having vacation gives you all time in the world, but really your in a rush doing all the things that you normally not do. Well, that’s whats I’ve been doing. The pictures are from Saturday where we did absolutely nothing! – Almost that is.
Hope your enjoying your summer ladies, I’m leaving for Bali Thursday! Yay!

graduation days

I see graduation hats and happy faces everywhere! Oooh, what a feeling! The last to days I’ve been attending parties to celebrate the happy students. This was what i whore monday, to a business- graduation party. – Since their hats are blue, I figured I had to wear blue.

The dress is very 50’ies in the cut. I found it with three other dresses here – Very pinup!